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Customized curriculum is comprised of Language Arts and Mathematics to help students strengthen their problem-solving, critical thinking and analytical skills.

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Personalized management is for upper grade students who need additional hours of learning in order to boost or maintain their GPA. We will have 1-to-1 counseling with the student and parents periodically if needed and requested.


Summer is the perfect time to either catch up on last year’s missed topics or get ahead of others by preparing for the upcoming academic year. Students will have the option to choose between full-day and half-day. Morning class is designed to focus on Language Arts and Mathematics for the next school year. Afternoon class includes interactive sessions such as computer typing, speech and debate, library tour, and other activities. We keep our students entertained!

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To view available programs, please send us your information here.


EMC is our partner program which specializes in teaching a particular subject that the student wants extra time on. The program offers private tutoring (usually 1-to-1) and it is available either onsite or on Skype. Our tutors ensure to prepare for each session in advance and transfer as many tips and tricks to their students to guarantee good grades. Once students notice their grades improving, they are eager and willing to attend more sessions. Our goal is to significantly improve each student’s weaknesses, learn how to understand a topic clearly and eventually perform well at school. This will boost their confidence and foster a positive attitude about learning.

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