We are proud to be the #1 and largest after school tutor center in Torrance.

For over 15 years, IQ Tutorial Center has been focusing on providing a unique service to not only help students enjoy learning, but also have fun while they’re here.

Staff and students create a wonderful experience together in a friendly and safe environment. 


We ensure that most of our teachers have previous teaching experience, if not incumbent school teachers from the LA and Torrance school districts. They provide excellent tutoring services and ensure every student is on the right track such as helping with their daily homework, test preparation, book report and projects. If there are any special requests for additional help, we will provide the appropriate learning tools without a doubt! 


- Classrooms

About 8 students are assigned to be in each classroom by grade level. 

Classrooms are spacious, clean and well-organized.


- Computer Lab

Students use the computer for web practices (ST Math, Raz Kids, IXL, Typing.com, etc) and research on their projects.

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Steve Park
Founder and Director

Steve has 30+ years of global experience in Education. As the founder and director of IQ Tutorial Center, Steve has served thousands of students from K-12th grade, many of whom have succeeded in their careers and shown appreciation of Steve’s business approach. In this role, he manages the overall direction of the company and is frequently called upon as a thought leader in the field for his creative ideas. 

Ellen Lee
After School Program Manager

Ellen is the After School Program Manager who is responsible for managing the schedule and personalized curriculum. She is passionate about her role and interacts with students by pouring out love and care for them. Ellen is the first point of contact at IQ who generally oversees daily operational tasks for staff at IQ Tutorial Center. 

Rachel Park
EMC Manager

Rachel began her career in Education as a tutor in 2012. She has taken numerous initiatives in and outside of the classroom to ensure student success. In continued love and care for her students, she wears many hats within the company. Rachel is manager for general consultation with parents at IQ Tutorial as well as EMC which is a program that focuses on private tutoring.

Takuto Fujii
Japanese Dept. Manager 

Takuto, our Japanese Department Manager, obtained his Masters degree at Kyoto University and worked at Mitsubishi Research Inc. before he set his foot into Education. His time at Mitsubishi Research encouraged him to help students, specifically with logical reasoning. Since then, Takuto has worked in the after school business and NPO for the past 6 years. He has facilitated many workshops and camps that combines ICT with Montessori methods for students.

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